How To Layer Jewellery In 2022

How To Layer Jewellery In 2022

There are many wonderful trends for jewellery at the moment however, one that we are going to discuss in this article is layering. Layering is a common style that we are seeing with both men and women. Furthermore, it is a style that isn’t that easy to pull off unless it is done correctly. Here are some tips on how you can wear this modern jewellery trend in 2022.


This section is more directed at layering necklaces. There are a lot of things that you need to consider with layering jewellery. Arguably one of the most important is the texture of each piece.


When you are layering necklaces, we advise that you mix things up a little. Don’t stick to the same style, thickness, weight and length. Have some variation with it to show off your taste. However, one thing that you do need to stick to is the same material with each necklace. Whatever you do, do not mix each necklace as it will look odd.

Have The Main Focus

When you are layering your jewellery, you must have one piece that stands out from the rest. For example, when you are layering necklaces, we suggest having a few chains that vary in thickness and then one statement piece that may have a pendant or a unique pattern compared to the rest. If you are layering rings then the same needs to be done here. If you are wearing a vintage diamond ruby ring then that is your statement piece there. Just make sure that the other rings you are wearing are matching the band for your main ring.

Varying Lengths

Varying the lengths of your jewellery is also important, especially with necklaces. If you are wearing the same length for each necklace, it is going to be pretty pointless. As you vary the lengths, you need to switch up the thickness to give it a bit more style.

It Is Ok To Mix Metals Sometimes

There are certain cases where we will allow a mixture of metals. A good example would be bracelets. We suggest that you try to mix up the colour and metals of your bracelets as much as possible. If you want to mix metals with your necklaces and rings, you have to be careful. This only works in some cases.


Wearing platinum and silver together works well with rings. For necklaces, you want to mix gold with rose gold being your statement piece or vice versa. Mixing metals with bracelets is far easier because it looks better than sticking to the same metal.


That is your short guide to how you can layer modern-day jewellery. When it comes to layering, you have to be careful about wearing too much. Furthermore, it all depends on the thickness that you are wearing for your necklaces. If you are ever to find a statement piece for a ring then use your vintage sapphire engagement ring as the main piece. Just ensure that you match the ring band as much as possible.